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ASP.NET Professional - 80 Working Days

Course Info

ASP.NET is an open source web framework used for developing modern web applications and services. You can quickly create web sites based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript using ASP.NET and scale them to millions of users. Your can also easily add more complex capabilities like Web APIs, forms over data or real time communications. ASP.NET is a good learning choice for its much easier platform with a strong framework support and has in-built libraries, better UI controls and debugging functionality for sure.

Courses syllabus
1. Introduction to Computing 10. Advanced ASP.NET - Templates and Themes
2. The Web Technology 11. Advanced ASP.NET – Database Management
3. MS SQL Server 2014 12. Advanced ASP.NET – Web Services
4. Programming in C# 13. HTML5
5. Object Oriented C# 14. CSS3
6. Advanced Features in C# 15. Javascript
7. Introduction to ASP.NET 16. jQuery
8. Developing Web Application with ASP.NET 17. AJAX
9. Advanced ASP.NET - Client management. 18. XML/JSON

After the successful completion of the training, our HR placement division (Molecule HR Consultancy ) shall guide you with the following sessions for your effective placement :

Resume Drafting & Covering letter preparation | HR Interview preparation session | Technical Interview preparation session | Arrange interviews for you in different software companies.